Notre Dame High School Theater


The Visual Arts Department at Notre Dame High School provides students with a dynamic opportunity to explore and develop their creative talents in a studio setting.  Steeped in drawing, painting, printmaking and photography; new technologies (ie. iPads, Apps.) are embraced to create a multidisciplinary experience.  Taught by working artists, the learning process is delineated into investigating, conceptualizing, prototyping and execution phases.  Students are encouraged to discover solutions that are relevant in today’s contemporary world.



  • To provide a comprehensive, four year curriculum reflecting the needs for our students to continue this line of study in college

  • To create intellectual capacity to problem solve through hands on learning process 

  • To create a diverse portfolio reflective of the student/artist accomplishments

  • To strengthen the creative capacity of students to look towards Innovation

  • To create community/professional partnerships to assist in assimilating students into creative, alternative environments (ie. internships)

Courses Offered

  • Art I
  •  Art II
  • Advanced Placement Studio Art
  • Painting and Contemporary Viewpoints
  • Band I - Winds (Introduction to Band)
  • Band I - Percussion (Introduction to Band)
  • Band II (Concert Band)
  • Band III (Wind Ensemble)
  • Band IV (Percussion Ensemble)
  • Jazz Band (Independent Study)
  • Dance
  • Freshman Acting
  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Acting III
  • Musical Theater
  • Film Acting
  • Play Production and Playwriting
  • Play Production
  • Playwriting
  • Chorus
  • Advanced Chorus
  • Photography I
  • Photography II