Program Goals

1.  Provide an environment for learning and lifetime skills such as teamwork, self-sacrifice and discipline.  
2.  Develop a tradition of being a strong soccer program through the following steps.  
    a. Earn respect in the school
    b. Earn respect in the community
    c. Earn respect in the Mission League
    d. Earn respect in our region and state.  
3.  Work towards a program that allows for family involvement.  
4.  To provide and constantly work towards a program that is fun, fulfilling and rewarding for everyone involved.  

Expectations of Parents

1.    Support your son and our program to your fullest.  
2.    Encourage your son to do his best at all times.  
3.    Keep negative comments from coming out at home.  Encourage positive comments by example.  
4.    Make Soccer an important part of your family conversations.  Go to the games.  
5.    Talk to you son about Soccer every night.
6.    Remember that the win/loss record is not the only measuring stick for success.  
7.    Be sure that communication is done professionally and with care and concern towards your son and the program.  
8.    Work together with the coaching staff to create the best possible experience for your son.  
9.     Enjoy the season.  

Parent Involvement at Games

1.    We want every parent to be an active part of his sons’ high school athletic career.  We encourage you to come to games and be a positive supporter of every player on the team.  During all games we would like the parents to sit in the stands to support their son.  

2.    We have a great group of supporting parents at Notre Dame; however, it only takes one to ruin it for everybody.  Your conduct in the stands has a direct impact on our soccer team.  Criticizing and down grading your sons’ teammates, coaches, and opponents serves no practical purpose.  Let’s do our best to support our players.  

Team Captains

Captains will be elected prior to the start of the season.  These captains will be elected according to the player expectations above (Work Hard, Work Smart and Work Together) and will have distinguished themselves as leaders both on and off the field.