Animal Advocates Club

Animal Advocates has a primary goal; helping those who don't have a voice. Every day animals are abused by people who should be taking care of them, but they don't. They can't ask for help and they live in fear. They suffer from neglect and abuse. Many of them are abandoned and left for dead. Animal shelters save many of these animals from a terrible fate and give them a second chance at life.

Our main focus is involvement in the process of helping these animals start their new life in any way we can. We seek to do this by raising money shelters. We will accomplish this by having bake sales and fundraisers about once a month. In addition to raising money, we will collect blankets, toys, food, etc, and donate it to the shelter. Because we really want to be as involved as possible, we will volunteer at the shelter at least once a month. To stay on task, we will have scheduled meetings at least twice a month. We are very passionate about the cause and look forward to a successful year!