Mission and purpose

The ND Grillers is a student organization created through the ASB of Notre Dame High School. Though it exists as most extracurricular programs to meet and nurture the interests of our students, it exists to support the mission of our school, which is based on educating hearts and minds.


Community is a key element of our school mission and it is supported by the existence of the Grillers in several ways. There is a strong sense of community within the club as students with an interest in barbeque come together to share their experience and work together through the club membership. The club supports community building on a larger scale in the school by providing a shared dining opportunity for students, faculty and staff which also engages a socializing opportunity during scheduled lunch periods or other planned events.

Good food

Good food is provided through the use of quality ingredients along with careful preparation. A variety of food selection and preparation styles are used for events throughout the school year. In spite of carefully selecting high quality ingredients, the Grillers still charge very reasonable prices on their menus since profit-making is not a major priority of its existence.


Enjoyment and camaraderie are necessary for continued existence and success of all student activities. Membership in the ND Grillers requires significant work by participating students for the sponsored events, but these demands are not made at the experience of the students having fun in the process.

Learning experience

Learning experience is a dividend for the members of the club as is the case with all extracurricular activities at Notre Dame. Mastering the use of a barbeque grill is truly a life skill that can be valued throughout the adult life of our students. Besides having opportunities to learn the skills of working the grill, our members can learn about different styles of cooking food on the grill along with the knowledge of proper food preparation and handling. Members of the ND Grillers also realize the importance of advertising, marketing, public relations and sales through the events sponsored by the club. Much of the experience realized can have a value for the students later as they encounter the business world.

Charity and service

Charity and service are significant values in our School Mission. It is important to realize that we have a responsibility to be there for others, and that is a major element of the membership experience in the Grillers. Although making a profit from Griller events is only a secondary purpose for the events, usually profits realized by the club are contributed to a worthy cause – charities that are selected prior to the scheduled events. While such charity surely supports a spirit of community service, there is also a sense of service realized as the Grillers also help the school community and other clubs and organizations on campus through a willingness to cook for their events when possible.

Membership guidelines and expectations

Membership is open to all students who are interested and willing to participate. To maintain active membership, students must directly or indirectly participate in more than half of the official scheduled meetings, activities and functions.

Members of the club are responsible for the planning, execution and cleanup of all activities of the club. Members who cannot directly participate in the activities must indirectly assist with preparation for an event through promotion, preparation and supply of needs for the event.

Member in good standing

To remain as a member in good standing of the ND Grillers members must not have more than two consecutive unexcused absences in a row from club meetings or sponsored events. Excused absences include absence from school or schedule conflicts with other school clubs, teams or academic requirements. Members must contact the moderator about these types of absences for them to be classified as excused absences.

1. A top priority must always be safety:
• Safety of each member and anyone in the vicinity of a grilling site;
• Hands must always be washed before handling of any food;
• The safety of the recipients of our efforts must be protected through proper handling of food, cleanliness and enforcement of all health codes.

2. Respect:
All equipment, whether it is the school’s or belonging to the club members, must be treated with respect, protected and kept clean.

3. Organization:
• The membership will elect officers to serve the club for a school year. The officers are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.
• Chairpersons and co-chairpersons are named by the moderator to handle officer responsibilities in the specific team and committee areas. Together they comprise the Leadership Team.
• The Executive Committee of the Grillers is composed of the elected club officers along with the Leadership Team composed of all chairpersons and co-chairpersons.

4. Committees:
• Marketing Team -- Public Relations and Promotions Committee
• Operations Team – Setup, Event Operations and Cleanup
• Grill Team
• Food Prep
• Grill Prep
• Grill Work
• Grill Cleanup
• Finance Team -- Sales Committee

Committee assignments will rotate from function to function to spread the responsibility among the club members throughout the year and give each member the opportunity to serve the club in each capacity.

More information

For more information, please contact Mr. Terry McGaha at mcgaha@ndhs.org.