Extra/Co-Curricular Point System
  • Faculty members must acquire a total of ten points throughout the school year.
  • Points are earned based on duties as assigned on supplemental contracts and activities throughout the school year.
  • A minimum of two points must be earned through activities for which a faculty member does not receive a stipend.
  • Vice Principal of Student Life will communicate individually with each faculty member the number of points needed to fulfill ten point requirement and keep a record of points earned throughout the year.
  • Email Rob Thomas to record attendance at games/plays/activities.
  • Participation as a Kairos/Immersion/Dance Chaperone will be recorded based on the lists of faculty members participating in those activities.
  • This information will be used as a part of each faculty member’s summative evaluation. Participation in the extra/co-curricular activities point system as required as a part of your employment contract.
General Point Guidelines

Program Head 1 – 4 points
Program Assistant 1 – 3 points
Kairos/Immersion 1 – 5 points
Frosh/Soph Retreat 1 point
Dance Chaperone 2 points
Club Moderator 1 – 3 points
Co-Curricular Program 1 – 4 points
Class Moderator 1 – 3 points
AP Class 2 points
Overnight Trip Chaperone   2 points
Games/Plays/Activities .5 points, to a maximum of four points
Miscellaneous Activities 1 – 2 points