Team achievements 

ND Debate continues its legacy of success and Holy Cross tradition in fall 2016:

  • ND Debate represented the City of Los Angeles in a World School Debate Competition in Dallas, TX. Elliot McMillan, Lawrence Kim, and Morgan Bourke competed against teams from London, the Netherlands, Peru, Houston, and New York. The students attended a dinner for the competition in the famous Crow Library where Lincoln's Senate desk is housed, an untold number of famous documents including originals of the decisions from the Salem Witch Trials and Clarence Thomas' Confirmation Roll Call, entire sets of first edition books and paintings by Renoir, Monet, and Churchill. The students also had the privilege to hear several speakers, including Michael Sorrell, President of Paul Quinn College (, and Mike Rawlings, the Mayor of Dallas. This is the second year that the team has been honored to represent Los Angeles.
  • At the Loyola tournament, the policy team placed 2nd overall with Elliot McMillan and Mason Peeples. McMillan also won 4th speaker overall and Peeples won 5th speaker overall.
  • At the Long Beach Tournament, two teams placed in the top eight: Mikaela Appleby/Jax Rounds and McMillan/Peeples. Rounds also won 3rd speaker and Appleby won 4th speaker overall.
  • Both the policy and the World School debaters represented Notre Dame at the Holy Cross Tournament in New Orleans. This tournament and experience offered an opportunity to grow connections between Holy Cross schools since students had lunch with and met with Holy Cross students while in New Orleans.
  • At the nationally prestigious St. Mark's Tournament in Dallas, Appleby/Rounds placed in the top 16 teams, placing 9th overall after preliminary rounds. Appleby was 17th speaker and Rounds won 25th speaker.
  • At the USC Round Robin, McMillan/Peeples represented Notre Dame and placed 4th overall in the limited competition.
  • At the Damien Tournament, Notre Dame closed out finals with Noah Healy and Patricia Suico as co-champions with Michelle Mar and Nate Paguio. They also won 4 of the top 5 speaker awards at the tournament. In the novice division, Jack Daggenhurst won top speaker and Beaujais Harris-Kamal won 2nd speaker.
  • At the Glenbrooks tournament in Chicago, Appleby/Rounds placed in the top 16 teams out of over 170 teams from around the country. Their showings in Dallas and Chicago make them a nationally recognized team.
  • The World School Debate division of the team qualified to the Top 32 in the International Public Policy Forum. This competition started with over 200 schools submitted essays from around the world. The team will be writing essays in an attempt to advance to the Elite Eight. If they make it to the Elite Eight, then they win an all-expense paid trip to New York to debate in the Council of Foreign Relations in front of the President of NYU, several attorneys and national debate coaches. Team members Austin Compton, Austin Ellis, Lawrence Kim,​ Stacy Quintana, and Greg Santos are currently writing for the IPPF.
  • Seniors Appleby and Rounds are already qualified to the Tournament of Champions in policy debate with 3 bids. Juniors McMillan and Peeples are working on attaining a second bid to qualify to the Tournament of Champions this year. ​​
  • Lastly, the Fourth Annual Damus Hollywood Invitational at Notre Dame was a great success and continues to be recognized as an important national qualifier to the Tournament of Champions and the National Debate Coaches' Association Championships. 59 schools from 13 states competed this year.