The Irish Knight Band:

                  AP & Music Makes A Difference


Welcome to the Notre Dame Band and Dance Flag program. This nationally recognized program has demonstrated consistent musical excellence throughout its 65+ year history. Notre Dame’s Music Program is considered one of the top programs in all of Southern California.

Many of the top academic students at Notre Dame participate in our music program and consider it a highlight of their high school experience. These are some of the nicest and best students at Notre Dame and the type of students you will want your student to be around and make friends with.

 Looking ahead: Why should my child sign up and stay in Band or Dance Flag all four years?

Notre Dame encourages its students to take AP classes. However it is important to understand that our students do not have to sacrifice taking Band or Dance Flag all four years in place of an AP class schedule if they are planning to go to a highly selective college. College admission boards weigh participation in a four year music program like ours in their admission process.

Colleges are actively looking for students who can show a four-year commitment and passion to a high school program.  Students who participate in such activities tend to do better academically and also tend to take part in college life and activities once there. One of the best example of such an activity is our music program here at Notre Dame. Not only do the band classes count on the UC and CSU grade point average but they also help some of our students in being accepted to some of the best colleges across the nation.   Some of our recent graduates who were part of our music program are now attending the following colleges across the nation:

 Boston University  Shawnee State University 
 Brandeis University Sonoma State University 
 California Lutheran University   St. Edward’s University
 California State Polytechnic University Stevens Institute of Technology 
 California State University, Channel Islands Syracuse University 
 California State University, Long Beach  University of  East London 
 California State University, Northridge University of Arizona
 Carleton College  University of California , Santa Barbara
 Catholic University of America University of California, Berkeley
 Chapman University University of California, Irvine
 George Washington University University of California, Los Angeles
 Gonzaga University University of California, Merced
 John Carroll University University of California, Riverside
 Los Angeles Valley College University of California, San Diego
 Loyola Marymount University University of Colorado, Boulder 
California Lutheran University  University of East London
 Mount St. Mary’s College   University of Hawaii, Manoa
Mount St. Mary’s College, Chalon   University of Michigan
 Pierce College   University of Oregon
 Portland State University  University of Portland 
San Diego State University  University of San Francisco 
San Francisco State University   University of Southern California 
Santa Barbara City College   Worcester Polytechnic Institute