Athletic Forms 

All of the required forms can be found on your child’s TADS account after completing school registration. They are uniquely bar coded for each student so that they can be classified by TADS when you upload them. Click here: TADS: Finding and Uploading Required Documents

Athletic Forms consist of the following:


Current physicals (dated within the year) are required for all students enrolled at Notre Dame regardless if they are in athletics or not. The Physical Examination form needs to be completed by your doctor and the History page needs to be completed by the student/parent and signed at the bottom. The Physical Forms need to be uploaded to your TADS account.


Also consist of the Code of Ethics, Release of Liability and Concussion Form. These have one signature page at the end which requires both a parent and student signature. The Signature page needs to be uploaded to your TADS account.

The Physical Forms and Athletic Forms can be found on the student’s TADS account. After completing these three forms, you must upload or FAX these forms to TADS. Click here for brief upload instructions. Your student can help you with these upload instructions. Please do not bring them to the school office.

Download the Parents Code of Conduct here. 

Please call Lisa Schori in the Athletic Office at (818) 933-3648 or email her at for help with any of these forms.

Fax your completed forms to TADS at (612) 548-3323 or follow the instructions for uploading them directly to your child’s account (recommended).