Student Artists of the Month - February 2017

I enjoy being a part of the Notre Dame Dance Guard because I think it is amazing how close our team is and the many friendships I have made from being on the team. I love dancing and it's so much better when I get to do something I love with the people that share the same passion. It's exciting learning new things about dance and becoming a better dancer while having so much fun! Dancing brings joy and excitement to my life.

Phasja Kelley



Dancing acts as my creative outlet and medium through which I can express myself in a way that is unique to me. I love how versatile I can be as a dancer through different forms of dance. Being part of the Notre Dame High School Dance Guard team has given me the opportunity to experience the thrill of performing and explore a wide variety of dance forms. 

Denissa Widiarto

Courses Offered

Visual Arts

  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Intro to Painting
  • Advanced Placement Studio Art

  • Photography I
  • Photography II 
  • Advanced Placement Photo


  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Acting III
  • Honors Acting IV
  • Musical Theater
  • Film Acting
  • Improvisation


  • Band I - Winds (Introduction to Band)
  • Band I - Percussion (Introduction to Band)
  • Band II (Concert Band)
  • Band III (Wind Ensemble)
  • Band IV - (Percussion Ensemble)
  • Jazz Band (Independent Study)

Music and Dance

  • Chorus
  • Advanced Chorus

  • Dance I
  • Dance II (projected) 
  • Dance Prop Production