Student Artists of the Month - April 2017

"Music, to me, is a way to express who I am and a vehicle to 'get away'. It helps me escape from my daily problems and all the stress that being a teenager possess. It's how I find happiness, and I think art is a way that people can connect with each other and find their own purpose."


Joseph Silva


Joseph has been recognized both locally and nationally in vocal competitions and scholarship programs such as La Banda Young Arts. Most recently, he became a finalist in Spotlight Awards and will perform at the Walt Disney Concert Hall at the Los Angeles Music Center in May.


"I love being in choir because I get to sing with other people who love music as much as I do. There is a really great vibe in the group and we enjoy singing together. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love singing, playing piano, and writing music. There is really nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when performing in front of a crowd of people." 

Madeleine Ackley

Courses Offered

Visual Arts

  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Intro to Painting
  • Advanced Placement Studio Art

  • Photography I
  • Photography II 
  • Advanced Placement Photo


  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Acting III
  • Honors Acting IV
  • Musical Theater
  • Film Acting
  • Improvisation


  • Band I - Winds (Introduction to Band)
  • Band I - Percussion (Introduction to Band)
  • Band II (Concert Band)
  • Band III (Wind Ensemble)
  • Band IV - (Percussion Ensemble)
  • Jazz Band (Independent Study)

Music and Dance

  • Chorus
  • Advanced Chorus

  • Dance I
  • Dance II (projected) 
  • Dance Prop Production