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iPad Acceptable Use Policy
Please click here to download a copy of the Notre Dame High School iPad Acceptable Use Policy. This document outlines our 1:1 iPad program. All students and parents are bound by this policy.

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Attendance Procedures
A parent/guardian is required to call and notify the attendance office if their child is going to be absent from school. We would like that call by 10:00 am.

The 24 hour answering machine is 818 990-1856. When the student returns, he/she should bring a written note to the attendance office. If your child is arriving after 8:30, they should check in at the attendance with a written note from the parent/guardian. If your child needs to leave early, he/she should bring a written note to the attendance office in the morning to get an Off-Campus Permit. That permit allows them to leave class at a specified time, and must be returned to the attendance office when the student returns. Thank you for your cooperation.