Coach's Message 

When people think of Notre Dame High School, the first thing that should come to mind is family. This is what sets us above all other schools.

The ND girls volleyball program is the epitome of all the love and hard work exuded by this great community. The program is currently in the process of a transition with an entirely new and fired up coaching staff that has been working to build a more competitive and re-imagined program. Despite the sudden changes over the past few months, new Head Coach Ben Diaz and his staff train teams full of resilience, passion and, of course, ND pride. These athletes believe with their whole beings that Notre Dame sports are all about pride! This is why they fight. They believe in the Notre Dame family that never fails to support them.

Being one of five teams in one of the toughest leagues in Southern California is no easy task. It is the epic battle for the title of league champions that consistently breeds Division I college volleyball players. ND is able to meet the challenge because of the sisterhood culture that can be seen on the team throughout every grade level. Fellowship is the most important thing here. As a community, as a program and as a team, Notre Dame girls volleyball breeds athletes that love the game as much as they love their school, and they look forward to meeting their future sisters!