The Counseling Office is located in the Holy Cross Center.

Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically:

Grades 9 -11      

A-Esk  Teby Wammack    
Esl-Lan  Bill Kearns 
 Alisa Dickmann (Binetti)
 Martine Abdaem

Grade 12

 A-G  Val Pantell
H-O  Joan Canzone
 Mae Greenwald

The Counseling Department would like to remind ND families that SAT preparation is available free of charge for students through PrepMe.  This service is located on your Naviance home page.  You are encouraged to explore Naviance for a wealth of information about colleges and careers as well as financial aid, scholarships and summer programs.  New students and families will receive account information early in the school year. 

This year students will be working on Naviance with a counselor in the areas of Career Interest, Personality Assessment and College Search to better facilitate the college selection process.

We look forward to working with you throughout the school year.

NDHS Counseling Department

Mission Statement

The Notre Dame High School Counseling Department is part of a community based on Holy Cross values of achievement, service and respect.


Counselors strive to meet the needs of students in the areas of academics, social adjustment and career development.  The counselors work toward building student independence over the course of four years.


Our mission is to develop self-awareness, critical thinking and responsibility, as well as to encourage continued growth in these areas throughout life. 


We believe that this mission is a partnership between students, parents, counselors, teachers and administrators, and results in helping students reach their individual potential in academics, service and the social areas of their lives.


Counselors endeavor to act as positive role models to students and foster mutual respect in an environment of care and concern.


This mission is accomplished through both individual and group meetings and presentations for students throughout the year, that are conducted by Notre Dame counselors as well as expert guest speakers.  Special group sessions are also held for parents so that they will be current on the latest college admissions information as well as pertinent knowledge regarding changes in adolescent social environments.


Notre Dame counselors work to help students with learning differences.  Although the Notre Dame campus is not equipped to present a full range of special services, the school is able to facilitate minor adjustments within the college preparatory program to assist students with certain disabilities.