Band Program

With the exception of the Band I classes all of the band classes fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts entrance requirements for the UC and CSU systems. All band classes fulfill the NDHS Fine Arts graduation requirement.

Band I Winds is for students who wish to learn a woodwind or brass instrument. This class takes students from the beginning level to an intermediate level that prepares them to move on to Band II. Notre Dame provides instruments for students who need them for this class.

Band I Percussion takes beginning and moderately advanced drummers and prepares them for membership in the drum line and concert and contest Percussion ensembles. While learning and developing instrumental skills Band I students learn marching basics and perform with the Irish Knight Marching Band as part of our pageantry presentation by carrying the school’s identification banner and flags.

Band II – Concert Band is for 9th and 10th grade students who play a wind instrument at an intermediate level. In addition to studying music fundamentals and concert literature, students in Band II join the Band III (Wind Ensemble) and Percussion Ensemble to form the Irish Knight Band during the marching band season, and the Symphonic Band during concert season.

Band III – Wind Ensemble is for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who play a wind instrument at an advanced level. Concert literature for the Wind Ensemble will be more advanced than the Concert Band literature. Students in Band III join the Band II (Concert Band) and Percussion Ensemble to form the Irish Knight Band during the marching band season, and the Symphonic Band during concert season.

Jazz Band is offered as an enrichment class for members of the band. Freshman may audition in the fall of each school year for possible membership in the Jazz band.

Band IV – Percussion Ensemble is for advanced percussionists who have completed the prerequisite Band I Percussion class. The Percussion Ensemble forms the Drum Line in the Irish Knight Band for football games, parades, and competitions during the marching band season. During the concert season, the Percussion Ensemble performs with the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band at festival and concert performances, as well as competitive concert percussion contests.

Dance Guard is our girls visual performance unit that is part of the Irish Knight Band. The Dance Guard performs at football games during halftime shows, at band reviews and parades as the marching band’s auxiliary unit, and as a dance unit at concert band performances. They also compete at indoor dance competitions in the Spring semester. Enrolled in the Dance Prop Production class, students are trained in classical dance technique (ballet) as a foundation for the other dance genres, flag, rifle, sabre, and other equipment technique, and choreography.

Band Classes – During the school day the various band classes meet to practice and hone their skills. A night rehearsal each week brings all of the band classes together for one unified rehearsal. Regular daytime class rehearsals and the night rehearsals prepare the band for performances at football games, band competitions, festivals and concerts.

Saturday Band is a beginning band program Notre Dame offers to 4th through 8th grade students from surrounding grammar schools. Classes are held at Notre Dame on Saturday mornings and students learn to play wind and percussion instruments. More information is available from the Notre Dame Band Office at 818-933-3672.