Name Subjects Taught E-mail Ext 
Shannon Kobielusz Department Chair
U.S. History
Psychology 636            
Reese Abbene-Ingino
Law and Society 
Bridget Cantwell Humanities
World History 432 
Richard Good Human Geography 414
Rico Hernandez AP U.S. Government
AP Economics
Economics (H) 675
Bill Lawrence Sociology
Psychology of Prejudice 407 
Vince Oliver U.S. History
African-American History 633
Alex Patarias
World History (H)
Kathleen Reichert U.S. Government
AP U.S. Government
Economics (H) 448
Julie Reif AP Psychology
World History
U.S. History 439
Dave Savage AP European History
World History 416
Rich Woolery AP U.S. History
Film and American History 444