Notre Dame High School has three student produced publications: The Knight MagazineThe Knight - The Online Blog, and the Arches Yearbook.

The Knight Magazine is the online student publication of Notre Dame High School.  We also have a Facebook Page, which is complete with videos, photos and updates.

Also active is the online blog The Knight. It features work by student staff members, who cover news, feature stories, sports, entertainment, food and fun.


As our journalism students learn to harness the power of the written word and compelling images, they gain a greater respect for the importance of media and communication in our world today. Journalistic platforms circulate important ideas, inform productive discourse, preserve traditions, document history, and can bring about change. 

Regardless of the publication for which they write, all journalism students are given the opportunity to discover their unique writing voices while learning traditional journalistic writing practices and ethics, and photo journalism skills. As such, it is the goal of each publication staff to create a product that exudes respect and promises accuracy as it engages and informs all members of our school community.


The Knight Magazine and The Knight - The Online Blog
Annika Pearson ‘17
Erin Neil ‘17

Jourdain Gastineau ‘17
Bridget Gehan ‘18
Olivia Hamblin ‘17
Sarah O’Brien ‘19
Dani Posin ‘18
Evin Santana ‘19
Alexandra Smith ‘17
Maria Thomas ‘18
Sara Zacky ‘19

Faculty Advisers:
Mrs. Sabrina Landinguin
Ms. Christina Tallungan

The Arches Yearbook
​Melina Mallory '17

Ashley Ozaki '19
Katerine Rashkovsky '18
Camden Rittenhouse '17

Faculty Adviser:
Mrs. Sabrina Landinguin