Fashion Show Committee Descriptions

Arms Length Committee

  • Committee solicits 8-10 prizes of minimum $150 for guests to take a chance on winning through purchase of arms length of tickets and placing in boxes in front of these prizes
  • Committee provides boxes to coordinate with theme for guests’ tickets
  • Committee sells tickets before the luncheon

Basket Wrap Committee

  • Responsible for wrapping Silent Auction and Arms Length Prizes on two Saturdays prior to event
  • Responsible for transporting baskets to event

Check-Out Committee (works with HCMG Treasurer)

  • Coordinate with Data Entry Committee to receive printed invoices and coordinate runners to receive payments;
  • Process cash, check and credit card payments and sort for the Treasurer.

Data Entry Committee

  • Data Entry by Chair and committee of all gift items for Silent Auction
  • Create individual bid board with description of basket or service item and bid lines to correspond with the theme
  • Print the sheets of basket information for bid boards
  • Coordinate with Silent Auction Chair to receive winning bid sheets and record winning bid numbers into computer software
  • Print invoices for Check-Out Committee to collect money

Grand Raffle Committee

  • Responsible for obtaining ten major prizes for Grand Raffle items
  • Responsible for giving description of prizes to Invitations Chair for printing of raffle ticket booklets
  • Responsible for selling raffle tickets day of event and recording winners

Invitations Committee

  • Responsible for creating cover for the invitations and program
  • Responsible for gathering information for the invitation from the Fashion Show Chair and raffle ticket information from the Grand Raffle Chair and obtaining printing bids
  • Responsible for assembling printed invitations and mailing according to timeline
  • Help check in guests with Reservations Committee on the day of event

Models Committee **

  • Responsible for obtaining senior models for fashion show
  • Coordinates rehearsal times with these models and fashion show coordinator
  • Responsible for providing models’ bio information to Program Committee Chair
  • Responsible for dressing models helping with make up and keeping models on schedule during fashion show
  • Responsible to pickup and return borrowed clothes, if needed

Prizes Committee

  • Responsible for soliciting Silent Auction donations from community, friends, school parents and auxiliary HCMG members
  • Responsible for follow-up (phoning) of those solicited by mail or in person
  • Responsible for thanking donors for their gifts

Program Committee

  • Responsible for soliciting ads from former and new advertisers
  • Responsible for gathering information for program book from other committee chairs
  • Responsible for typing and assembling book for printing
  • Distribute program books day of the event
  • Write thank you letters to all advertisers

Reservations Committee

  • Responsible for helping Invitations Committee assemble invitations
  • Responsible for collecting reservations from HCMG Moderator
  • Help moderator prepare seating arrangements for day of event
  • Check in guests day of the event

Silent Auction Committee/Day of Event

  • All first-year members serve on this committee the day of the event but also sign up for another Fashion Show Committee as well
  • Transport bid boards to the event and help match up with baskets/service items
  • Set out baskets, service folders and bid boards on tables In Silent Auction area day of the event
  • After bidding closes, help collect bid sheets and give to Check-Out Committee
  • Take invoices and collect money due from guests in ballroom
  • Assemble winning baskets for guests to pick up when leaving the Fashion Show

Stage and Decorations Committee

  • Decorates stage, backdrop and/or runway according to Fashion Show Chairs’ theme and direction

Table Décor Committee

  • Creates centerpieces and table décor for each table to coordinate with theme
    Coordinates centerpiece design with Decorations Committee

** For a Senior student of a HCMG member to qualify as a fashion show model, the following criteria must be met:

  1. HCMG member must be a member in good standing (see criteria above)
  2. HCMG member must have been a member in good standing for at least two full years (one year can be their senior year)
  3. Junior students must work the day of the fashion show event, unless excused due to a conflicting NDHS event
  4. Senior models must attends all model rehearsals unless excused
  5. Senior model must sign commitment letter