Click on the above link and provide contact information to Notre Dame for any alumni listed below.  This insures that Notre Dame can invite as many alumni as possible to its reunions and that alumni can receive the most recent NDHS updates. 


Lawrence Agriesti
Joseph A. Arcarese
James Borstelman
Andrew J. Brown
James M. Buchanan
John J. Carson
Richard W. Carter
Richard C. Conover
Paul B. Crow
Marc J. Daignault
James F. Dunham
Michael J. Finnegan
David Frank
Fred J. Gallagher
Lawrence A. Gangwish
John J. Gonzales
Michael E. Guerin
Frank C. Gutierrez
Donald J. Hamilton
Thomas R. Ingledew
David G. Johnston
Michael M. Leonard
Robert J. Lyons
Lawrence McEneaney
Luis F. Molina
Nicholas Pisani
Robert A. Powers
Thomas W. Powley
John F. Ralphs
Lawrence E. Walsh
Robert E. Williams
Kurt C. Wolfe
Robert C. Wright