Literary and Poetic Terms (All Students):
Grades 9-12 will explore, understand and come to recognize through your reading various literary devices. The attached list contains all of the terms and their definitions you will be exposed to throughout your four years here at Notre Dame.
Glossary of Poetic Terms

Writing The Research Paper Guide for Junior/Senior Students:
link offers you advice on how to start and begin the structure of your research paper. This link offers you advice on notecards, starting your introduction, MLA Citation information, and explains the overall design of research the essay itself.
College Personal Statement Essay Examples link for Junior/Senior Students:
The following link below offers fabulous examples of how to construct your college entrance essay/personal statement. The schools vary from Ivy League to basic four year institutions. Feel free to click on, explore and read various examples of stellar college entrance essays.
MLA Formatting and Helping Guide for All Students
The following link below offers you a video on "how to" steps in regards to the MLA formatting of your paper. Issues such as embedding quotes and citing them properly, margins, heading, and the works cited page are included in the discussion.
Effective Quotation Helping Guide for 9-10th Grade Students
Students, this guide allows you to see effective and ineffective quote integration examples. This information will help you throughout the writing process in terms of embedding quotations.

Congratulations is in order!
Beth Moulton  participated in the Gilder Lehrman Seminar this summer and Sara Hinds spoke on "utilizing effective technology in the classroom" at the 2012 NCEA Convention in Boston

The MLA/NDHS Guide for Student Writing is in progress and should be effective late September. Parents, this guide will allow your child to see the progression of writing expectations throughout their years here at Notre Dame. The Guide will contain the following: rubrics, sample body paragraphs, sample introductions, conclusions, MLA works cited info., and sample college entrance essays. This site will act as an at home tutorial for students and we are highly excited about it.

Courses Offered

-English I
-Honors English I
-English II
-Honors English II
-English III
-Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
-English IV
-Advanced Placement Literature and Composition


During the first few weeks assessments will be taking places across the curriculum in regards to summer reading. Students please make certain you are annotating your texts and are prepared upon your return from summer. Reminder: Texts should not be pre-annotated by another student since your instructor may want to generate additional notes with you in class those first few weeks back.