English Department Philosophy

The English program is designed to improve the students' awareness of the important role that the English language and its literature play in intellectual, personal, and career development. Essential to the over-all program of studies, the English program emphasizes the development of oral and written comprehension, critical thinking skills, and coherence, cogency, and fluency in the expression and communication of ideas.
While the English program stresses competence in skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, it also provides experiences and activities that will help students become discriminating users of print and non-print media. Literary and media works, selected for excellence in both content and style, will promote humanistic attitudes, aesthetic appreciation, multicultural awareness and critical evaluation skills.

The English program encourages the development of each students' individual potential through critical thinking, clear writing, articulate speech, thoughtful decision-making, intellectual risk-taking, and respect for others.

Courses Offered

- English I
- Honors English I
- English II
- Honors English II
- English III
- AP English Language and Composition
- English IV
- AP English Literature and Composition
- Creative Writing


During the first few weeks assessments will be taking places across the curriculum in regards to summer reading. Students please make certain you are annotating your texts and are prepared upon your return from summer. Reminder: Texts should not be pre-annotated by another student since your instructor may want to generate additional notes with you in class those first few weeks back.