Social Studies


The Social Studies Curriculum of Notre Dame High School is designed to stimulate critical thinking, promote social justice based on Catholic Christian principles, encourage patriotic involvement, and develop respect for national and cultural differences.  The curriculum emphasizes an understanding of contemporary economic, social, and political realities and future challenges.

The Social Studies Curriculum should enable the student to develop:

1.  Civic responsibility and active civic participation.

2.  Perspectives on their own life experiences so they see themselves as part of the human community.

3.  A critical understanding of the historical, geographic, economic, political, and social institutions,  traditions, and values of the United States.

4.  Critical attitudes and analytical perspectives appropriate to understanding humanity.


- Human Geography
- World History
- Advanced Placement European History
- United States History
- Advanced Placement United States History
- United States Government and Current Events
- Advanced Placement Government and Politics
- Economics
- Advanced Placement Macroeconomics
- Film and United States History
- Law and Society
- Psychology
- Psychology of Prejudice
- Advanced Placement Psychology
- Sociology
- Humanities

Notre Dame Students Visited Washington DC and Attended The 53rd Presidential Inauguration On January 21, 2013