“Celebrating over 51 Years of Holy Cross Tradition”
At Notre Dame High School, the volunteers are the key reason for our successful school programs and the development of our resources. The Holy Cross Mothers Guild is one opportunity in which parents may participate that supports the development of Notre Dame, and at the same time, fosters a sense of community and promotes the beginnings of life-long friendships.

Holy Cross Mothers Guild Mission

The Holy Cross Mothers Guild and Legacy Guild is comprised of both current and alumni mothers of Notre Dame High School students. The primary purpose is to support the spiritual mission of Notre Dame High School by assisting the President, Principal, school administration and the Brothers of Holy Cross in promoting the faith community of the school.

The Holy Cross Mothers Guild forms standing committees to assist various programs and events throughout the school year, especially for the retreat program. The Guild also presents its annual luncheon and fashion show in the spring with the proceeds funding the Holy Cross Mothers Guild Scholarship Fund for current students who need financial aid to continue their Notre Dame High School education after the death of a parent.

Membership in Good Standing Criteria

The following are the list of criteria for membership in the Holy Cross Mothers Guild:

1.Attends General Meetings each month with no more than two unexcused absences per year. An absence is considered excused by having been communicated to the secretary prior to the meeting

2.Pays HCMG annual dues

3.Meets all mission committee and fashion show committee obligations

4.Submits signed commitment letter

5.Contributes a basket donation and program ad for Fashion Show

6.For a Senior student of a HCMG member to qualify as a fashion show model, the following criteria must be met:

  • HCMG member must be a member in good standing (see criteria above)
  • HCMG member must have been a member in good standing for at least two full years prior to their senior year
  • Junior students must work the day of the fashion show event, unless excused due to a conflicting NDHS event
  • Senior models must attend all model rehearsals unless excused
  • Senior models must sign commitment letter

Membership is open to mothers of Notre Dame students with the annual membership drive taking place in August and September each year.  Members actively contribute to both a Mission committee and a Fashion Show committee for the year.  Meetings are held on campus once a month, September through June.  Alumni mothers of Notre Dame High School students are invited to continue their association with Holy Cross Mothers Guild by joining the Legacy Guild.