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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Br. Regan Chapman ’67, OFM
Mr. John Combes
Mrs. Alice Cotti, Principal
Ms. Jeri Dye Lynch
Mr. Brett Lowart, President
Mr. Daniel McCarthy
Mr. Lenny McNeill
Mr. Anthoney Mudy '83
Br. William Nick, C.S.C.
Mrs. Kathy Nikolai
Mr. Charlie Perkins ’69
Mr. Justin Rawlins '91
Mr. Ed Romano
Mr. Jamie Wagenbach ’83
Fr. Michael Wakefield
Mrs. Eileen Wong
Mrs. Julie Zastrow
    • NDHS Campus in 2020

      NDHS Campus in 2020

Non-Board Committee Members

Mr. Joseph Allegretti '82 - Planning Committee
Former Board Member & Chairman

Mr. Michael Crain - Finance Committee
Former Board Member

Mr. Robert Hill ’54 - Finance Committee
Former Board Chairman

Mr. Richard Klee
Director of Advancement

Mr. Chris Lucas - Finance Committee
Former Board Member

Mr. Richard Marciniak - Finance Committee
Former Board Member

Ms. Sharron Nelson - Finance Committee
Former Board Member

Mr. Anthony Stark '76 - Planning Committee
Alumni Parent

Mr. Bill Wade - Finance Committee
Former Board Member

Board Executive Committee

Chairman: Mr. Justin Rawlins ‘91
Vice Chair: Mr. Daniel McCarthy - Vice Chair, Board Secretary
Secretary: Ms. Jeri Dye Lynch - Mission & Governance Committee Chair
Treasurer: Mr. Lenny McNeil -  Finance Committee Chair
President: Mr. Brett Lowart

Permanent Guests/Ex-Officio Staff at all meetings:

Mr. Richard Ysasi, Director of Finance
Mr. Terry McGaha
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