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COVID-19 Information 2022



 is allowed to return to on-campus classes and activities.
  • Alert the COVID-19 coordinator, Linda Bradley at covid19@ndhs.org.
  • A student who tests positive must remain home.
    Guidelines on isolation or quarantine can be found by 
  • Per the LACDPH ordinance, to return to class on campus, students must present one of the following:
    • A negative test result after the fifth day from the first positive test and be symptom-free OR
    • Provide a lab-based positive test with student’s name and birthdate noted on the test with the results dated between October 18, 2021 and January 8, 2022.
    • At the time of sending this email, we are not accepting home-based/at-home tests. We will be providing more guidance at a later time.
  • Test again.
    • Students should stay home and isolate.
    • Students to continue working on their assignments as posted in Canvas. If you need to meet with your teacher(s), schedule a Zoom appointment during X-period via email.
    • The return to campus requires students to be symptom-free and have a negative COVID Antigen test on file.
Per LACDPH, until further notice, masks are required to be worn on campus at all times by all Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and any visitors unless eating/drinking.
  • Faculty and Staff: Required ‘medical-grade’ surgical mask
  • Students: Strongly encouraged to wear a medical-grade surgical mask. A student will receive detention if not wearing a mask.
  • Parents/Any Visitors: Strongly encouraged to wear a medical-grade surgical mask.
Please note that this need not be an N-95/Respirator mask, although those do satisfy the “medical-grade” requirement.

Review guidelines on acceptable types of masks 
by clicking here.


Modified Quarantine Guidelines for Unvaccinated students:

The modified quarantine allows, under certain conditions, an unvaccinated student with an exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case to continue in-person instruction at school during their quarantine while restricting their activities outside of the classroom. Those who qualify for modified quarantine include close contacts whose exposure took place at school or a school-supervised activity when both the contact and the case were masked during the entire exposure period, and the close contacts are not part of a defined outbreak. The exposed student must remain asymptomatic for the duration of quarantine, stay home except for classroom and educational instruction activities, and continue to wear a mask indoors, outdoors, and on the school bus, except for when they are eating and drinking. While eating and drinking, they must maintain at least a six-foot distance from others; this should ideally take place outdoors. Students in modified quarantine must also be tested twice a week during their quarantine: the first test should be on days one through two after exposure, while the second test should be five days after exposure. Modified quarantine ends when a second test is done at least five days after exposure is negative. In this scenario, the exposed student can end modified quarantine after day seven.


The CDC, California Public Health and The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) officials are making a big push to note that vaccines are proving effective in preventing serious illness and death, including from known variants. The LACDPH is also mandating masks indoors for all people, regardless of vaccination status.
After careful and prayerful consideration on how best to balance medical health and religious or philosophical convictions with the desire to care for our community, our NDHS leadership encourages all faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated. We must prioritize the health and safety of our community - faculty, staff, and students - while ensuring a positive student experience and the highest standards of excellence.
NDHS encourages those who have been vaccinated to provide us, for tracing purposes, a copy of their vaccination record. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to notify NDHS of their current vaccination status by completing the COVID-19 Vaccination Notification Form. This will help us with tracing should it be necessary.  NDHS will require and provide random testing of all our community members and those who wish to have COVID-19 swab testing.  Upon arrival on campus, all students, staff, and faculty will be required to check in via the VisitU temperature testing stations as the first step toward our best community health.   
If you have questions regarding any COVID-related issue or concern, please contact COVID-19 Coordinator, Linda Bradley at covid19@ndhs.org.

Free COVID-19 Testing

Free COVID-19 Testing is now available for all Los Angeles County residents.
The City of Los Angeles in partnership with the County of Los Angeles and Community Organized Relief Efforts (CORE) is now offering free testing. Testing is by appointment only and is available to residents regardless of if you are or are not experiencing symptoms. 

COVID Coordinator

Linda Bradley
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