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Our DEI Commitment

Notre Dame High School is committed to continuing to support and create a community that is consistent with its core values. This community fosters an inclusive environment where different perspectives and diverse and equitable experiences are shared, respected, and supported.
Father Moreau wrote: “The core of our Holy Cross mission is to develop heart and soul, and reverence helps us recognize each person’s gifts and cultivate our unity through mutual respect.”
NDHS, as a Catholic institution, subscribes to the Catholic Social Teaching values and the Holy Cross charism that has been a mainstay of our institution since 1947.  
NDHS is a place of community where goodness, unity, and inclusiveness are the aspiration and goal. NDHS welcomes students and staff from every background, culture, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic background, and from all religions, nationalities, and abilities.
We are all children of God; we are, therefore, committed to the creation, maintenance, and ever-improving diverse, equitable, and inclusive school and world.
Creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where everyone feels safe to be his or her authentic self requires a long-term mindset. NDHS is committed to taking a thoughtful and comprehensive approach toward meaningful change every day. Making sustainable changes and taking action allows NDHS to build a culture of greater inclusiveness and belonging and to reflect better the diversity of the communities we serve.
If you feel that Notre Dame High School, or any of its constituents, is not upholding this commitment, please email Inclusivity Diversity & Equity Activities Coordinator, Dr. Kelly Jackson of the Inclusivity Committee at jackson@ndhs.org

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Inclusivity Diversity Equity and Activities Coordinator

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Everyone Has a Story

The Inclusivity Committee invites you to participate in our project, "Everyone Has a Story.” This project will give voice to the personal stories and experiences that the members of our diverse community experience but often hold in silence because of their culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic class.  This project is open to students, faculty, staff, parents, and anyone else who is part of our Notre Dame family.  You may share it as a written reflection, a personal prayer, or a piece of art, a song, a poem, a video recording, etc., that was inspired by current events or past experiences. Your story will be shared in the Knight Magazine or on NDTV.  We will publish your submission anonymously if requested.    

This project launched with the story shared by Alina Arabia at Mass on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. This project will continue throughout the 2021-22 academic year. Please consider sharing your story with the members of our ND family as we work to build respect and become more inclusive. Email jackson@ndhs.org if you have any questions.  Visit Rules and Guidelines for “Everyone Has a Story” Submission or the Video Template for submission instructions.