2022-23 Board of Directors

The Congregation of Holy Cross sponsors Notre Dame High School, and the NDHS Board of Directors is the governing body of Notre Dame High School. The Board has operational authority over the School and its assets. The Board has limited authority in certain areas of the education concern.  The Archbishop of Los Angeles has jurisdiction over the School’s representation as a Catholic religious education institution.

The Board comprises stakeholders representing the Notre Dame community and three appointees of the Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross Moreau Province. NDHS operates as a non-profit, public benefit corporation registered with the Federal and State governments. The Board is not organized for the private gain of any person.

The Board’s role is to focus on how the School can best serve its constituencies. As such, the Board’s efforts are directed toward the strategic and long-term issues of policy and mission effectiveness and maintaining the School’s relations and sponsorship with the Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross. The School maintains strong relations with the Holy Cross Moreau Province.


      Board Chair

    • Ed Romano

      Board Vice Chair and Treasurer

    • Jamie Wagenbach '83

      Board Secretary

    • Kathy Nikolai


    • Eileen Ige-Wong


    • Samuel C. Laganà

      President and CEO (Ex Officio)

    • Alvan Arzu ‘96

    • Fr. David Guffey, CSC

    • Charlie Perkins ‘69

    • Br. Regan Chapman ‘67, OFM

    • Anthoney Mudy ‘83

    • Justin Rawlins ‘91

    • Dave Damus ‘83

    • Diego Munoz-Flores ‘77

    • Faby Torres

    • Sierra Elizabeth ‘01

    • Brother William Nick, CSC


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