Holy Cross Vision

The Holy Cross Brothers built Notre Dame High School with the foundation of faith and service. Today over 15,000 alumni are examples that validate the Holy Cross Brothers' founding vision.
The Holy Cross Brothers remain committed sponsors of Notre Dame High School. The governance and fiscal responsibility of the school rest with the NDHS Board of Directors. The faculty and staff believe wholeheartedly in the Holy Cross mission and embrace the challenge to continue "educating hearts and minds" in the San Fernando Valley and beyond. As a result, the ownership of the school is a truly shared partnership with the parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community.

Together, we ARE Notre Dame.

In gratitude and recognition for the faith-filled educational experiences of yesterday and today, and in anticipation of the great possibilities of tomorrow, we invite the support and involvement of ALL members of the Notre Dame family. Please keep Notre Dame close to your hearts!
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