Student Travel Opportunities

Here at Notre Dame, our students are offered many academic travel opportunities throughout the school year.

Spring 2020 - France

Notre Dame High School is teaming up with Notre Dame Sainte-Croix in Paris for another exchange trip!

French students will attend ND and will be hosted by our students from February 15 through February 29, 2020. In exchange, our students will attend Notre Dame Sainte-Croix and live with the French students from May 30 through June 13, 2020.

The purpose of the trip to France is to have your children experience France like a typical French teenager: they will attend classes at a Holy Cross high school, will live with French families and will consume (both literally and figuratively) French culture.   

To learn more, email Mme. Christine Stewart at

Summer 2021 - Japan

The second ND trip to Japan will take place Summer 2021.

On this 10-day trip, students will see both modern and traditional aspects of Japan by visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, and other cities. Sightseeing will include historical temples and shrines in Kyoto, as well as modern cities like Harajuku and Shibuya in Tokyo. Students will also experience Japanese high school life and family life by staying with host families for a few nights in Shizuoka. Please join this amazing trip to Japan!

Summer 2021 - Europe

This program is a 12-day educational tour to Berlin, Prague, Krakow and Budapest open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors graduating 2021.

Highlights of this tour include walk the enchanted, cobbled streets of Prague, touch the scars of the Cold War that remain in Berlin, marvel at tower castes in Budapest, get goosebumps in front of Krakow's gothic cathedrals, and marvel at the charm of old-world Vienna and the magnificence of the Schonbrunn Palace, the former seat of the Hapsburgs.

Summer 2021 - Spain

The trip is for the Summer of 2021, departing during the first week in June (earliest departure June 6th, latest return June 23rd). 
It is a ten-day trip. We are giving students the opportunity to enroll early with $95.00 deposit and be able to pay in installments (see chart below). I am also attaching the flyer with the itinerary which I think it can be uploaded to the site.  

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