NDHS Bus Survey 2020-21

Thank you for participating in our 2020-21 Bus Survey. Our survey was created to determine who will be interested in riding the bus when we begin our hybrid learning program. Last year we ran three bus routes: South Bay, Westside, and Pasadena/Glendale. The annual cost was $3,000 for roundtrip service five days per week with a late bus option for students who had activities after school. This pricing was based on the buses being at full capacity. With the hybrid program, students will only be on campus two days per week and current health department guidelines restrict bus capacity to 25%. However, the alternating schedule and capacity limits mean we still have to retain any buses for four days per week even though your student will only ride for two days (this also includes a late bus option for extra-curricular/co-curricular activities). So unfortunately, there would not be any substantial savings as compared to last year.
We also do not know when we will be allowed to return to campus. We have been negotiating different scenarios with our third-party bus provider (Tumbleweed) and they are doing their best to provide us with flexibility under the circumstances. However, there is a cost to having them on standby as we wait for approval to return to school. The table below displays our current estimate of what it would cost to retain the bus while we are in online learning ($100/month) and what it would cost when we begin our hybrid program ($400/month). If we are still in a distance learning environment in January we can either cancel the contract, and you would only owe the $800 mentioned above or we could continue to pay the $100/month and continue to keep the buses on standby. Please note that these amounts are based on ridership numbers provided to us during the summer and are subject to change based on any revisions to those numbers as a result of your feedback.
We should remind you that you have no obligation to ride the bus. We have reviewed Tumbleweed's safety policies and feel that they take the health and well-being of NDHS students seriously. However, it is not possible for them to eliminate all risk related to COVID-19. The decision to ride is entirely yours and we completely understand if you choose not to ride at the current time. 
Cost of Bus (Total $3200 per rider)
$400 deposit
$100 a month (online learning)
$400 a month (hybrid learning)

Notre Dame High School provides daily bus service (with the exception of these dates) on school days to the following routes: Pasadena, South Bay, and Westside. 
Families interested in signing up for the school bus program should contact Julia Pérez at

Families interested in carpooling, please contact Lynn Silberberg at 818.933.3605. 

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