Monthly mass would not be complete without the angelic voices of our choir leading us in songful prayer.  All year the ND choir works hard to perfect their tone and overall sound as they perform at masses, concerts and school events such as open house.

Courses Offered

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  • Chorus

    Chorus provides Notre Dame with a skilled vocal ensemble which represents the entire community in competition, civic events, fundraisers and Liturgies, including some at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The course is open to all styles of vocal music and some students provide instrumental back-up.

    Prerequisites/Comments - Open to all students. (UC “f” VPA)
  • Advanced Chorus

    For students with more extensive vocal experience, Advanced Chorus represents the school in off-campus events and enters competition in its own category. Students are encouraged to submit arrangements for the class or even arrange music themselves. Students will develop their technique through voice training and sight-reading.

    Prerequisites/Comments - Requires audition and instructor approval.  This course may be repeated for credit. (UC “f” VPA)
  • Voice Techniques

    This course is designed to teach students how to use their instrument to expand your range and expression, and how to become more confident in performances. This course is designed to be for all skill levels from beginner to seasoned performer, as it includes beginning, intermediate, and advanced pedagogy of the voice and music theory. This course also includes much performance time in the styles of Pop/Rock, Jazz/Blues, Musical Theatre, and Classical.

    Prerequisites/Comments - Open to all students. (UC “f” VPA)
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