Student Athletic Leadership Council

“Leadership is not a position or a title, but is action and example.”

Mission Statement

The mission of the Notre Dame Athletic Leadership Council is to bring together a group of dedicated student-athletes and provide opportunities that encourage them to grow as individuals and leaders. Making a positive difference and impact at Notre Dame and the greater community are aspirations we hope to teach and instill. 

  • Unite Notre Dame through a passion for athletics and build a sense of community, pride, and spirit
  • Create and strengthen a partnership between players, teams, and coaches 
  • Promote high standards of ethics, sportsmanship, and personal conduct within our athletic teams
  • Learn and grow from the experiences of their peers who play different sports and create a culture of diverse thoughts, actions, and acceptance
  • Build communication between administration, coaches, and student-athletes to enhance the athletic experience
  • Support and promote the commitment to community service and goodwill

Student Athletic Leadership Council

  • Khadim Diaw
  • Nicholas Rynn
Basketball - Boys
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Ben Shtolzberg
Basketball - Girls
  • Brooke Davis
  • Isabella Ramirez
  • Arianna Diaz
  • Corinne Wilson
Cross Country (Co-Ed)
  • Evelyn Baldwin
  • Caleb Cohen
  • Paris Brewster
  • Fiona Watts
  • Sulayman Adeoye
  • Cooper Meek
Golf - Girls
  • Liana Brown
  • Marion Govednik
Lacrosse - Boys
  • Aydin Talebreza
Lacrosse - Girls
  • Olivia Duque
  • Emma Wetzel
Soccer - Boys
  • Alex Giraldo
  • Eric Guo
  • Kenneth Mazariegos
Soccer - Girls
  • Kaliya Acevedo
  • Riley Goossen-Brown
  • Alyssa Aguilar
  • Zanella Silva

Swim (Co-ed)
  • Emma Seward
  • Zachary Tamusaitis 
Tennis - Boys
  • James Ignatius
Tennis - Girls
  • Lauren Acevedo
  • Grace Alcedo
Track & Field (Co-Ed)
  • Sulayman Adeoye
  • Madison Dietz
Volleyball- Boys
  • Matthew Aziz
  • Jack Pearson
Volleyball - Girls
  • Ashley Cudiamat
  • Osose Egbase
Water Polo - Boys
  • Ethan Urbach
Water Polo - Girls 
  • Carmela Evashchen
  • Alia Rasool
  • Emily Suong
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