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Golf (B)


Varsity Head Coach: Steve Biafora

JV Head Coach: Greg Moss

Coaches Message

Golf is typically taught, practiced and played individually while requiring certain skill sets, fundamentals, and management that entail unique qualities of the mind, body and soul like no other game and sport.  The game can't be learned by anything but practicing and playing on a regular, and year-round basis.  It is the most time-consuming of all sports and our student-athletes quickly develop time management skills required to maintain the academic rigors of a college prep experience.   

Our goals are threefold.  First, the game's nuances of gentlemanly conduct, etiquette and camaraderie are tremendous life skills to be learned and ingrained and are dominant in all of our activities.  An always-present decorum to represent the school, their teammates and themselves, with high ideals and respect for those we encounter along our passage is paramount to any success in the competitive arena.   

Bridging the gap between individuals and integrating the team concept is our secondary focus.   Our competitions still compose the classical head to head matches but comprise a team scoring mechanism.   Our ability to channel knowledge from coach to player and player to player allows for better opportunities of play and behavior that reinforces the values of those representing the school, teammates and themselves.   Pairings in practice and competitions are produced to enhance the overall team concepts.   For example, upperclassman will continuously be paired with freshman to enhance the transfer of knowledge so vital for future development.   

Lastly, as coaches we expect our competitive spirit to fly unencumbered in practice and in matches.   We practice like we intend to play.  Constantly competing provides an avenue of comfort and measurement for both individual and team outcomes.   Golf is a game of motivation, hard work and provides no shortcuts to success.   For those that chose this humbling path, it is learned quickly that the game embodies life's occurrences in so many profound ways.   Golf molds and tests character constantly, which gives those that immerse themselves into the wonderful aspects of the game, an experience like no other.  

Sports Awards

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  • 2018-2019

    Most Valuable Player
     - Trip Morris
    Most Improved - Jack Forbes
    Coaches Award
     - Brendan Krutchnik

    Coaches Award - Ryan Hunt
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