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Soccer (B)


Varsity Head Coach: Michael Armas
Varsity Assistants: Andy Oropeza & Bernie Guerrero

JV Head Coach: James Armas

JV Assitant: Karla Alas

Notre Dame Boys Soccer Core Values

A member of the Notre Dame Boys Soccer Program will….
  1. Respect his coaches, teammates, and all faculty & staff.

  2. Always place academics before athletics.

  3. Will always communicate with their coaches.

  4. Be on time to practice (10 minutes before, you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late)

  5. Be in proper attire for all practices and all game events.

  6. Be Coachable

  7. Foster a team mentality (keep the ball on the ground, not taking on players 1v1, look to always get teammates involved in buildup, refrain from unnecessary tricks)

  8. Dedicate personal time to improving.

  9. Disciplined in developing athletic protocols.

  10. Respect the privilege to represent Notre Dame High School.

Program Goals

1.  Provide an environment for learning and lifetime skills such as teamwork, self-sacrifice and discipline.  
2.  Develop a tradition of being a strong soccer program through the following steps.  
    a. Earn respect in the school
    b. Earn respect in the community
    c. Earn respect in the Mission League
    d. Earn respect in our region and state.  
3.  Work towards a program that allows for family involvement.  
4.  To provide and constantly work towards a program that is fun, fulfilling and rewarding for everyone involved.  

Sports Awards

List of 9 items.

  • 2018-2019

    Most Valuable Player – Matt McGonigle
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Henry Horowitz
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Cade Johnson
    Coaches Award – Aiden Reesing
    Coach's Award - Gustavo Chavez
    Most Valuable Defensive Player - Griffin Dval
    Most Valuable Offensive Player - Eric Guo
    Most Improved - Jackson Steward
  • 2017-2018

    Most Valuable Player – Liam Howell
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Drake Sahm
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Levi Wiedmann
    Coaches Award – Antonio Colin
    Most Valuable Defensive Player - Parker Tweedly
    Most Valuable Offensive Player - Jake Tilson
    Coaches Award - Mathew Aziz
    Most Improved - Vishan Athukorale
  • 2016-2017

    1st Team All League – Tyler Henley
    1st Team All League – Max Markel
    1st Team All League – Matthew McGonigle
    1st Team All League – Brandon Opazo
    2nd Team All League – Amir Jon Eskandari
    2nd Team All League – Archie Jennings
    2nd Team All League – Sebastian Ramirez
    Mission League Most Valuable Defensive Player – Cameron de Oliveira
    Mission League Most Valuable Player – Allen Moiseyev

    Most Valuable Player – Tyler Henley
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Allen Moiseyev
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Cameron de Oliveira
    Coaches Award – Jesus Padilla

    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Fabrizio Gamboa
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Dashiell Egan
    Coaches Award – Parker Tweedley
    Most Improved – Ian McDonald
  • 2015-2016

    Jesse Fitzgerald –  Gatorade Player of the Year Nominee, Mission League MVP, 1st Team All-League,
              All CIF, All Daily News 
    Tyler Henley – 1st Team All-League
    Noah Bogner – 2nd Team All-League
    Zach Lubin – 2nd Team All-League

    Most Valuable Player – Tyler Henley
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Jesse Fitzgerald 
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Matt Zamacona 
    Coaches Award – Ryan Haskell 

    Defensive Most Valuable Player - Levi Wiedmann 
    Offensive Most Valuable Player - Nick Sailer
    Coaches Award - Lenny Sklar
    Most Improved - Quinn Porter
  • 2014-2015

    Jesse Fitzgerald – Mission League Offensive Player of the Year
    Carlos Alcocer – Mission League Goalie of the Year.
    Jesse Carlos – 1st Team All-League
    Mike Enderson – 1st Team All-League
    Noah Bogner – 2nd Team All-League

    Most Valuable Player – Michael Enderson
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Jesse Fitzgerald
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Nick Roewe
    Coaches Award – Carlos Alcocer 

    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Brandon Opazo
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Sebastian Ramirez
    Most Improved Player - Will David
    Coaches Award – Levy Wiedmann
  • 2013-2014

    Lucas Alfonso – 1st Team All-League
    Scott Marquardt – 2nd Team All-League
    Connor Smith – 2nd Team All-League

    Most Valuable Player – Mike Enderson
    Most Valuable Player – Ronaldo Lomeli
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Michael Lusczcak
    Leadership Award – Cameron Page
    Coaches Award – Sam Lee

    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Jake Eissele
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Matthew Zamacona
    Most Improved Player – Henry Rerrell
    Coaches Award – Julian Moscotte
  • 2012-2013

    Most Valuable Player – Lucas Alfonso
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Scott Marquardt
    Most Valuable Defensive Player –  Mitchell McVeigh
    Coaches Award – Connor Smith

    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Jordan Marsh
    Most Valuable Defensive Player –  Carlos Alcocer
    Most Improved Player – Aidan Rattigan
    Coaches Award – Armand Vasseghi
  • 2011-2012

    1st Team All League – Boys Soccer – Matthew Marcelino
    2nd Team All League – Boys Soccer – Alex Otero

    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Matthew Marcelino
    Most Valuable Defensive Player –  Alex Otero
    Most Inspirational Player – Mitchell McVeigh
    Coaches Award – Eddie Felix

    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Cody Larson
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Nick Roewe
    Most Inspirational Player – Jake Eissele
    Coaches Award – Jake Tarlov
  • 2010-2011

    Most Valuable Player – Steve Jusko
    Most Valuable Player – Kyle Ause
    Most Inspirational Player – Griffon Burke
    Coaches Award – Jon Simon

    Most Valuable Player – Vincent Gage
    Most Valuable Player – Christopher Ramos
    Most Inspirational Player – Jeffrey Estrada
    Coaches Award – Mitchell McVeigh

Expectations of Parents

1.    Support your son and our program to your fullest.  
2.    Encourage your son to do his best at all times.  
3.    Keep negative comments from coming out at home.  Encourage positive comments by example.  
4.    Make Soccer an important part of your family conversations.  Go to the games.  
5.    Talk to you son about Soccer every night. 
6.    Remember that the win/loss record is not the only measuring stick for success.  
7.    Be sure that communication is done professionally and with care and concern towards your son and the program.  
8.    Work together with the coaching staff to create the best possible experience for your son.  
9.     Enjoy the season.  

Parent Involvement at Games

1.    We want every parent to be an active part of his sons’ high school athletic career.  We encourage you to come to games and be a positive supporter of every player on the team.  During all games we would like the parents to sit in the stands to support their son.  

2.    We have a great group of supportive parents at Notre Dame. Your conduct in the stands has a direct impact on our soccer team. Let’s do our best to support our players. 
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