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Varsity Head Coach: Dana Vasquez

JV Head Coach: TBA

Coach's Philosophy

Coach Vasquez believes that “winning takes care of itself when everything else is in place.” She stresses that in order for a team to be successful, the coaches and athletes, together, need to be physically, mentally and emotionally well trained and harmoniously united. It takes time to build team chemistry and to develop each athlete’s understanding of their role and responsibility to the team and to each other. When the athletes trust and believe in “the process,” success will follow. 

Sports Awards

List of 8 items.

  • 2017-2018

    Most Valuable Player - Alyssa Molina
    Most Valuable Player - Sydney Goldman
    Best Offensive Player - Alyssa Aguilar
    Best Defensive Player - Jessica Guerrero
    Coaches Award - Julia Vargas
    Coaches Award - Zanella Silva

    Most Valuable Player - Riley Goossen-Brown
    Coaches Award - Lailah Batchelder
    Most Improved - Molly Kearns
  • 2016-2017

    Outstanding Player - Jessica Fox
    Outstanding Player - Alyssa Molina
    Outstanding Player - Sydney Goldman
    Coaches Award - Gabby Angrisani
    Coaches Award - Sydney Rosenthal

    Coaches Award - Lailah Batchelder
    Coaches Award - Maria Thomas
    Coaches Award - Grace Mathews

  • 2015-2016

    Most Valuable Player – Sarah Dunn
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Jessica Fox
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Annika Pearson
    Coaches Award – Jamie Dunn
    Coaches Award – Kaleena Klimeck
    Most Valuable Player – Hope Clark
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Rebecca Northup
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Charlotte Metcalf
    Coaches Award – Sophie Martin
  • 2014-2015

    Most Valuable Player – Jade Teetsel
    Most Valuable Defensive Player - Cathleen Flores
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Gracie Wilson
    Most Valuable Offensive Player - Sarah Dunn
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Dani East
    Most Valuable Player – Sydney Goldman
    Most Valuable Player – Sarah Wilson
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Anais Salinas
    Most Valuable Offensive Player - Charlotte Metcalf
  • 2013-2014

    Most Valuable Player – Emily Waters
    Most Valuable Player – Dani East
    Coaches Award – Grace Wilson
    Coaches Award – Jessica Fox
    Most Valuable Player – Cathleen Flores
    Most Valuable Offensive Player – Courtney Olsen
    Most Valuable Defensive Player – Dana Tran
    Coaches Award – Chandra East
  • 2012-2013

    Most Valuable Player -
    Andivi Manzano
    Best Defensive Player - Emily Waters
    Best Offensive Player - Sarah Dunn
    Best Offensive Player - Marianna Politis
    Coaches Award - Bernadette Ochoa

    Most Valuable Player - Cathleen Flores
    Most Valuable Player - Dana Tran
    Coaches Award - Ogechi Hippolyte
  • 2011-2012

    Most Valuable Player - Jennifer McNeill
    Best Defensive Player - Olivia Lucchese
    Best Offensive Player - Melanie Allegretti
    Coaches Award - Tania Zakaria

    Most Valuable Player - Samantha Alvarado
    Best Defensive Player - Grace Wilson
    Best Offensive Player - Danielle Pastirjak
    Coaches Award - Alex Withers

  • 2010-2011

    Most Valuable Player - Jen McNeill
    Most Valuable Player - Marisa Keckeisen
    Best Defensive Player - Dani Zacky
    Best Offensive Player - Melanie Allegretti

    Most Valuable Player - Christina Katkic
    Most Improved Player - Mariah Mercado
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