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Swim (B)


Head Coach: Bryon Lacelle

Asst. Coach:
Caitlin Nicholas

Coaches Message

The mission of the Notre Dame Knights swim team is to build a program that emphasizes individual progress, team unity, and character development. Notre Dame inspires student-athletes to achieve their fullest potential by helping them develop a strong work ethic, and discipline during training that prepares them to compete at the highest level.

Swim Team Records

 Boys Events  Name(s)  Time  Year
 200 Medley
 Kevin Chandra
 Joey Tamusaitis
 Chris Sleutjes
 Zander Minano
 1:37.58  2015
 200 Freestyle  Dominic Margarino  1:38.34  2019
 200 Individual
 Dominic Margarino  1:53.53  2018
 50 Freestyle  Zander Minano  20.59  2016
 100 Butterfly  Scott Grigsby  50.21  1981
 100 Freestyle  Zander Minano  46.18  2016
 500 Freestyle  Dominic Margarino  4:23.98  2019
 200 Freestyle
 Zander Minano
 Kevin Chandra
 Chris Sleutjes
 Ethan Yoo
 1:27.15  2016
 100 Backstroke  Kevin Chandra  54.85  2016
 100 Breaststroke  Evan Yoo  56.52  2019
 400 Freestyle
 Zander Minano
 Kevin Chandra
 Chris Sleutjes
 Ethan Yoo
 3:10.47  2016

Sports Awards

List of 1 items.

  • 2018-2019

    Most Outstanding Swimmer –
     Dominic Margarino
    Best Stroke Swimmer – Evan Yoo
    Best Sprint Swimmer – James Cusumano
    Best Distance Swimmer  Zachary Tamusaitis
    Coaches Award – Alexander Rayburn

    Most Outstanding Swimmer –
     Nicholas Monsour
    Best Sprint Swimmer – Andrew Francisco
    Best Stroke Swimmer – Wilson Kim
    Coaches Award – Aidan Douglas
    Most Improved Swimmer – Julian Espinoza-Pena
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