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Tennis (B)


Head Coach: Remy Salvador

Coach's Message

Here at Notre Dame, we play with class, poise, and by giving the best of our ability. We fight hard on the court and at the same time play fair. Our school and tennis program have a strong reputation. We challenge all our players to carry on the tradition by winning with a character and losing with dignity. 
Team First: Support each other, commit to one another, and stay positive! Tennis is a fun and rewarding experience, enjoy it, and try your best! 
How to Compete: Do things better than they have ever been done before, with competition being the central theme driving us to maximize our potential. Athletes don’t only learn how to compete in league or CIF matches but also in practice! 
“There is no way around hard work. EMBRACE IT”-Roger Federer 

Sports Awards

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  • 2018-2019

    Most Valuable Player – James Ignatius
    Best Doubles Team – Milan Dileo and Michael Jensen
    Coaches Award – Ben Sophy-Voss
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