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Volleyball (G)


Varsity Head Coach: Kami Ward 

JV Head Coach:
Adam Parks

Freshmen Head Coach:
Taylor Schori

Coaches Message

The Notre Dame Girls Volleyball Program has had a long history of both competitive success and commitment to excellence. These ideals remain at the forefront of the program as we begin each new season. The vision of the Notre Dame Girls Volleyball Program is to help young women grow and become better people by guiding them to not only work hard but to do so with a positive and energetic attitude. This will allow them to better themselves and create long-lasting relationships based on support and teamwork. Our staff will dedicate itself to modeling high levels of discipline, care, and compassion in order to ignite our athletes’ passion and desire while on their journeys toward personal greatness.  

 We are eager to positively impact the hearts and minds of each student-athlete. It is our goal to teach them how to dedicate themselves to a challenge, help them to understand that failure is the first step toward success, and finally, to be able to revel in the culmination of that change and witness the pride and joy they will feel as a result of their own hard work and dedication. We look forward to the challenge of seeing our athletes push through their preconceived limitations and experience a type of success and self-satisfaction that is unmatched. 

Dig Pink 2019

Sports Awards

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  • 2019-2020

    Best Offensive Player - Olivia Oberlander
    Best Defensive Player - Alasia Urena
    Most Valuable Player - Grace Penn
    Knight Award - Maliyah Goka

    Best Offensive Player – Rylee Firestone
    Best Defensive Player  – Alexandra Townsend
    Most Valuable Player – Arianna Urena
    Knight Award  – Mia Butler

    Best Offensive Player - Isabella Avelar
    Best Defensive Player - Tatiana Mercer 
    Most Valuable Player - Natalie Lercari-Sullivan
    Knight Award - Jane Oldham
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