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Campus Ministry at Notre Dame High School is an integral component of the school’s mission to educate the heart as well as the mind. The objective of Campus Ministry is to provide opportunities for self-reflection to students, faculty, staff and parents and to encourage growth in relationships with God and others.


Sign-Ups for the 2021-22 Kairos Retreats are now closed. Contact Ms. Morley at morley@ndhs.org with any questions.

Christian Service

Christian Service for the New School Year

Christian Service is a major part of not only our Notre Dame community but our Holy Cross community. Our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau said, “Let us not limit our interests to the narrow confines of a particular house, a Province, or our own country. This would be egoism and self-seeking. Rather let us be one with all our houses, and regard none as a stranger to the one in which we dwell. (Circular Letter 174). In the spirit of hospitality, we invite our students to bring hope to those around them, through their acts of service. This year, we will be asking students to go out into the community and seek places where hope is needed. Throughout the year, we will be providing various opportunities to complete their service hours, which will be organized by Mr. Presley. We ask that you please have your child be on the lookout for those emails, as well as check for postings made on Canvas. As we move forward with this new year’s theme: Educating Hearts and Minds, it is our hope that students will learn ways they can use their gifts and talents in the community. This year, students will be expected to submit the following amount of hours: 

Freshmen and Sophomores: 15
Juniors and Seniors: 20

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Presley at christianservice@ndhs.org.


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