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Campus Ministry at Notre Dame High School is an integral component of the school’s mission to educate the heart as well as the mind. The objective of Campus Ministry is to provide opportunities for self-reflection to students, faculty, staff and parents and to encourage growth in relationships with God and others.
Our Campus Ministry programs seek to strengthen the faith formation of the student body and to promote the development of a Christian community. All members of the Notre Dame family, regardless of faith tradition, are invited to participate in the spiritual life of the school. Our Catholic ministry recognizes and honors the diversity that exists in our faith community.

Key to Campus Ministry is the Christian Leadership Class, a Senior Religion class for students who feel the vocational call to be peer ministers. Following a model of servant leadership, the Christian Leaders organize and lead student retreats, plan liturgies and prayer services, and model Christ’s love.


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Message from Ben and Phil CSC

Greetings friends of the NDHS theology department, 
It has been about two years since Brother Phil Smith and I established a website that invited women and men at Holy Cross schools and other apostolates around the world to reflect on their shared mission and spirituality.  The Voice of Moreau became a way for us to tell the story of what it means to be Holy Cross and to share our experiences, insights and hopes in ministry and community.  During this time, we have reached out through postcards, letters, emails - we even made little paper crosses for all of the students at our high schools! - and now we are excited to present to you a couple of new resources on the website that we simply offer as a way to more fully sound forth this powerful spiritual tradition:

  • Daily Gospel Reflections for Students  - These are generally three to five-minute videos that include the reading of the Gospel for the day and a brief reflection that is intended to help nourish the budding faith of high school-aged students, but could be a way for anyone to deepen their faith and sense of vocation. 

  • Monthly Newsletter for Teachers - Called, "The Work of Resurrection," this monthly publication aims to develop certain themes and topics that are relevant for classroom teachers and includes our own sharing about our experiences of trying to live out the mission amidst the busyness of the school day.  

Basically, we want to share with you in as many ways as possible this rich legacy that has meant so much in our lives and which we feel is an excellent instrument for the building up of a world that seems so battered by crisis and division at this time.  Peace be with you all and know that we are grateful for your companionship on this shared journey of resurrection.
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