Gym Improvement Project

The NDHS Gym is so much more than a gym!

We love our Notre Dame Gymnasium! The Gym was built in 1953, and over the years has undergone various improvements to make it one of the best and most beloved athletic facilities in the area. Recent projects include the Donahue Family Fitness Center, construction of new athletic offices, the Br. Eugenio Cassano Court, and the Hall of Fame lobby. The Gym was renamed as the Fritz B. Burns Gymnasium in 2015.

But the Gym is so much more than a gym! As the only space on campus large enough to accommodate the entire student body, the Gym is also a worship space, a meeting space, a concert space, a testing space, an assembly space, an event space, and a performance space. As great as the Gym is as an athletic facility, we want to make it better for all the other purposes for which it is used. Plans are in place to improve the acoustics, purchase a new sound system, apply a fresh coat of paint, purchase a new video board, add window coverings, and install a stage curtain. But this can only happen with your help. Please consider a gift to help make the Gym a great place for a mass, a concert, a meeting, or an event.

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Director of Advancement
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Associate Director of Advancement
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