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Freshman Class of 2023 Orientation

Freshman Orientation for the Class of 2023 will be held on Wednesday, August 14th. The freshmen will check in beginning at 1:30 PM and be directed to an assigned classroom where they will meet their Moreau Mentors. All freshmen must be in their assigned classroom by 2:00 PM. The Freshmen need to be in school uniform, they do not need to bring their iPads or any other school supplies. 
During Freshman Orientation, the freshmen will attend their first Mass, attend a pep rally, meet with their counselor and the Deans, have their ID photo taken, attend an Activity Fair. The freshmen will also be introduced to their Moreau Mentors who will meet with them throughout the school year to provide them with information and guidance.
Dinner and snacks will be provided, Dinner will consist of Cheeseburgers, Hamburgers, Garden Burgers, a bag of chips, cookies and bottled water. If your child has dietary restrictions, please send them with dinner. 
The freshmen may be picked up at 8:45 PM.
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