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First Semester Finals

Final exams are by class period and will be given online, and students must take finals at the time assigned. Exams are mandatory and are never given early.   Students missing an exam or exams due to severe illness or absence that has been pre-approved by the principal must arrange a make-up exam with Mrs. Kobielusz, Vice Principal of Instruction. 

Finals Schedule
Tuesday, January 19:  Exam Periods 1, 2 
Wednesday, January 20: Exam Periods 5, 6 
Thursday, January 21: Exam Periods 3, 4
Friday, January 22: Exam Period 7  

Extended Time Exams Students who have been pre-approved by the counseling department for extended time testing will receive information from the counseling office prior to exams. Arrangements are coordinated by the counselor and cannot be made with the individual teacher.  If you have any questions about extended time, please contact your student’s counselor.
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