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Many persons choose to include charitable gifts in their estate plan. There are many estate giving options that enable donors to receive significant tax advantages when giving to a charitable organization through their estate.
Notre Dame High School is pleased to work with you, your tax attorney or advisor and family members to see if an estate plan that includes Notre Dame is appropriate for you and your family. Please read the attached PDF to learn more about the many estate planning options that may be of benefit to you and Notre Dame. Contact the school Advancement Office for further information or to express interest.

Legacy Gifts

Notre Dame High School established the Planned Giving/Legacy Society in 1995 as a recognition vehicle for individuals supporting the school's Endowment Fund. Membership in the Legacy Society can be acquired by:
  • Making a direct gift of $5,000 or more in cash, securities, bonds, royalties, real estate or other property to Notre Dame High School;
  • Including a gift in your estate planning to Notre Dame High School by outright gifts of cash,..appreciated real estate, stocks and/or equities;
  • Designating Notre Dame as:
Beneficiary of a will
Beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy
Beneficiary of IRA, pension or 401(k) accounts
Beneficiary of deferred gifting
Beneficiary of charitable remainder trust or annuity

New-Crescendo Initiative

Notre Dame High School is pleased to announce that it has contracted with Crescendo Interactive to provide the latest and best information regarding estate planning. Crescendo Interactive offers powerful software solutions that provide any Notre Dame alumnus or constituent the information you need to create your will and estate plan. Crescendo contributors include the best tax and estate planning attorneys in the country. Hundreds of non-profit organizations use Crescendo to assist their constituents in making sure their estates and wills maximize the intended benefit to family and charitable heirs.
The Legacy Society of Notre Dame High School’s Endowment Fund has various recognition levels for both restricted and unrestricted gifts.  

Endowed funds may be named for individual donors, in honor of others, or in memory of a deceased family member or friend. 

The Endowment Fund also allows the endowing of specific academic departments and programs, teacher enhancement programs, and athletic and co-curricular programs.

For further information, please contact Brett Lowart, NDHS President at (818) 933-3610, or 

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