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Notre Dame High School has two main sources of income: 1) tuition; and 2) charitable gifts. Similarly, NDHS must: 1) operate the school with extremely high standards; and 2) consistently seek to advance and improve school programs, equipment, and facilities. Tuition accounts for approximately 85% to 90% of the total cost of operations. The difference between tuition and actual costs must be derived from fundraising. The NDHS Board of Directors chooses to offer parents the opportunity to fund a portion of their child’s education with a charitable, tax-deductible commitment to the Parent Advancement Fund. The Parent Advancement Fund seeks to assure that our programs always have sufficient funding. The fund also seeks to provide support for technology advances and facility improvements. The Parent Advancement Fund has the general intent to spend its monies during the year they are given so that parents may see the benefits derived for their children.


All families are encouraged to make a charitable gift to the NDHS Parent Advancement Fund of at least $550 annually. The main goal of the program is 100% parent participation. Parent Advancement Fund payments may be paid monthly, semi-annually, or in full as part of tuition collection. We are very grateful for the many parents who give at higher levels, for example, a President’s Club gift of $1,500. Those needing to discuss a commitment of a lesser amount or different terms should contact the school President.


Notre Dame has one of the top academic programs in the area. In addition, NDHS is committed to offering high-quality co-curricular programs in keeping with the Holy Cross mission to educate the mind and the heart. Visual and performing arts, athletics, clubs, and spiritual activities are areas that have received Parent Advancement Fund support.


Parent Advancement Fund support has assured that students have the best possible technology. Presently, NDHS has implemented a 1:1 iPad program that seeks to promote our vibrant learning environment. NDHS is also improving in all areas of technology, including infrastructure, and digital communications.


Parent Advancement Fund support assures that students will have the best possible facilities at NDHS. Recent projects include campus improvements of the Light the Way Campaign, such as gym and library upgrades, renovating the former Brothers’ Residence to provide administrative offices, state-of-the-art baseball stadium, new aquatic center, and construction of a new gym lobby and fitness facility. A multi-level parking structure is currently under construction with expected completion in Summer 2020. The school is exploring several options for further capital improvements.


Parent participation is essential to make the Notre Dame experience a rewarding one for your students. The Parent Advancement Fund is the primary charitable goal for current parents of Notre Dame High School students. There are many other activities, events, and groups that also are important to the school that we encourage you to consider in addition to the Parent Advancement Fund, such as the Annual Gala & Auction, Hall of Fame Induction Dinner, Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters, Holy Cross Mothers Guild, HCMG Fashion Show and Luncheon, service drives (clothing, food, blood), game and performance attendance, school store purchases, Scholarship Golf Tournament, and more. In order to simplify fundraising expectations for parents, NDHS does not promote any other schoolwide fundraising activities such as candy sales, calendar sales, coffee mugs, Christmas wrapping paper, store/restaurant tie-ins, etc. These activities require high energy and staff support and generally result in much lower net charity funding for the support of NDHS and its students. Also, these are considered purchases, not charitable gifts. All gifts to the Parent Advancement Fund are directed to the charitable fundraising of the school and are tax-deductible as allowed by law. It is intended that over time all areas of the school, and thus all students, will benefit from fund contributions. Notre Dame High School shall report annually on the gifts received and projects funded. With universal or high percentage parent charitable participation, we establish an important standard and motivation for alumni, foundation, and other community support to promote and sustain our Holy Cross mission.

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