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President's Society

The President's Club was established to invite benefactors to contribute annual major gift support to Notre Dame High School.
The collective support of the President's Society membership is instrumental to the advancement of the NDHS mission and directly improves Notre Dame's ability to continue to grow its programs, provide essential financial aid for deserving families and improve its facilities.

Any gift or accumulation of gifts (excluding membership dues, event costs, etc.) in any given annual fund year totaling $1,500 or more is recognized with membership in the President's Society. Last year there were over 300 President's Society members comprised of very generous parents, alumni, alumni parents and friends/businesses/foundations. Members are invited to an annual Donor Appreciation Dinner in October and receive periodic updates regarding the progress of Notre Dame and its future plans. If you have any questions regarding your current standing in the club, please contact Kathy Molloy, Manager of Donor Relations and Major Gifts, at (818) 933-3609 or stop by her office on the second floor of the Holy Cross Center.

Thank you to all of you who have already renewed your membership for the President's Club.

President's Club Goals

  1. To enlist support from alumni, parents, alumni parents, grandparents, foundations, businesses/corporation and friends each year that inspires excellence in all areas of Notre Dame High School.
  2. To become partners in promoting Holy Cross values and the continuing Holy Cross mission at Notre Dame.
  3. To instill a Holy Cross spirit that invites the consideration of Notre Dame High School as a lifetime, family charitable priority.
  4. To renew most, if not all, of its members each year.
  5. To encourage President’s Club members to promote the Club and invite new members to support Notre Dame.
  6. To supply a reliable source of charitable income that will serve to provide long-term security for Notre Dame High School.

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  • President's Society Gift Level

    Any benefactor with cumulative gifts of $1,500 or more in any given year (including all unrestricted, restricted, and event gifts, excluding auction purchases or event costs) achieves membership in the President’s Society. The fiscal giving year is July 1 to June 30 each year.

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  • Endowment / Tuition Assistance

    NDHS continues its commitment to help deserving families and maintaining a diverse student body. The opportunity of a Notre Dame High School education is a wonderful gift that has lifelong benefits. “Sponsor a Knight” or create a family endowed scholarship fund that will be a transcendent gift that changes lives.

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  • Programs

    Notre Dame High School is committed to offering high-quality co-curricular programs in keeping with the Holy Cross mission to educate the mind and the heart. Visual and performing arts, technology, athletics, clubs and campus ministry programs receive the promise of President’s Society support.

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  • Facilities

    President’s Society support assures that students will have the best possible facilities at Notre Dame High School. We modernized the gym (new lobby and fitness center addition), improved the library, built a new pool and baseball stadium as well as renovated the Brother’s Residence in order to provide better counseling, campus ministry and administration space. Most recently, the gym was updated with a new sound system, improved acoustics, and a video screen. Also, the counseling offices and admissions center were renovated and remodeled. 
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