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  • News from the Technology Department

    October 2021: Important information and reminders from the NDHS Technology Department.
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  • Education in 2021

    Education is changing. As adults within a school community, we must model for our students our growth mindset and continue to explore new approaches to learning and pedagogy. Educational technology and innovation are changing the way we teach and how students are learning during the COVID pandemic. Schools are ramping up their investments in educational technology with an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. By captivating students through innovative technologies as opposed to rote memorization and regurgitation of facts, we develop 21st-century learners and leaders.
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  • Student Tip Line

    We are pleased to announce that the anonymous tip line is now available to you all. You should start seeing a new app on your NDHS issued iPad called "Tipline." The tip line is an extension of our student safety program that we started rolling out last school year. For a copy of the full announcement from February 2020, please click here.
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  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Tips

    As you may have heard, a rather large cyber attack on US companies, including departments within the US Government, is currently unfolding. Unfortunately, things will continue to get worse and some of our vendors and community members will fall victim to a cyber attack in the near future. It saddens me to say that this is our new norm and that it will continue to be so for the unforeseeable future. I strongly advise everyone to be extra cautious moving forward, particularly during the holiday season when many of these attacks are launched. Remember that it’s always ‘Holiday Season’ for the cybercriminals and they are always planning to get rich at your expense.
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  • Campus Visitor Management System

    Visitu is our new visitor management system that will be used to pre-screen all visitors and provide everyone with a touch-free check-in process. As some of you prepare to return to the NDHS campus for various reasons (meetings, extracurricular activities, etc.), you will be required to go through our new touch-free check-in process in the Gym Lobby as soon as you arrive on campus.
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  • Cyber Safety System

    Dear Notre Dame Parents and Students,
    We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new cyber safety system at Notre Dame High School.  The most noteworthy feature of the system is a CIPA compliant cloud-based web filter which will allow all school-owned devices to be monitored and filtered both on and off-campus.  Devices that are connected to the Notre Dame network, including personal devices, will also be monitored while utilizing the school internet.  Users that do not wish Notre Dame to view or monitor their personal activity should not use school resources or a school-owned device to do so.
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