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A Message from the Athletic Department

We'd like to personally thank you for your patience over the summer as we try to navigate our athletic programs through COVID-19 restrictions as well as waiting for guidance from the CIF in regards to the 2020-2021 Athletic Calendar.

While some things are still not clear on how we can proceed we would like to announce that starting September 8th we will slowly begin bringing back our Athletic teams to campus in the afternoons and weekends to start with conditioning, workouts, and practices using the current social distance and safety protocols.

It is a goal of ours to get tryouts for all teams at all levels done within the first semester of school and allow for our Fall sports teams to be prepared to begin the season when the CIF allows that to start. In regards to the Spring sports teams, we are going to try and tailor a fair and equitable schedule from practices in our facilities as soon as we can. It is also important to bring to your attention that the traditional seasons of sport are not normal for the upcoming year. Please know it is the hope of everyone that this is only the case for this school year. Below you will find the 2020-2021 sports season breakdown.

Cross Country
Volleyball: Boys & Girls
Water Polo: Boys & Girls

Basketball: Boys & Girls
Golf: Boys & Girls
Lacrosse: Boys & Girls
Soccer: Boys & Girls
Tennis: Boys & Girls
Track & Field

We encourage you to read and listen to the daily announcements as individual teams and coaches will communicate tryout/workout dates through these announcements. The daily announcements can be found on our website each morning and the teachers will share these with students each morning.

As always please email all questions to our office at

We look forward to working with your students throughout the year.

Alec Moss
Notre Dame High School
Director of Athletics
(818) 933-3661

Message from the Athletic Director

Welcome to Notre Dame High School Athletics! Thank you for your support of our athletic teams, coaches and student athletes. 
Notre Dame High School Athletics has a strong history in the CIF Southern Section and our tradition and school mission set the standard for each of our athletic teams. Teamwork, self-discipline, time management, commitment, sportsmanship, perseverance and sacrifice are some of the lessons we aim to teach our students. Through participation in athletics, these life lessons will provide the students an opportunity to grow and mature as young adults.
When watching our teams play, please be reminded that we have very high standards in regard to sportsmanship and conduct. We expect everyone to win with humility and lose graciously. We expect all interactions with opposing teams, officials, fans and coaches to be positive in nature.
We look forward to a great year supporting the Blue and Gold of Notre Dame High School.

Alec Moss '00
Athletic Director
(818) 933-3678

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Alec Moss '00
Athletic Director
(818) 933-3678

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