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Through our expanding course offerings, the Communications Department seeks to develop each student’s knowledge about communication arts and sciences because we believe that communication is the key to issues of power and representation.

We are committed to building and nurturing a community of students who:
• Are able to think critically
• Have an awareness of and appreciation for multiple and diverse perspectives
• Are competent and trustworthy practitioners of communication
• Have the capacity for understanding that characterizes responsible engagement with our communities and environment
• Are committed and willing to use communication skills to improve society

Our Goals:
• To provide educational experiences that promote the ideals of responsibility, compassion and justice by fostering the technical, creative and ethical understanding of human communication and interaction
• To teach students how to prepare and present effective responsible messages whether those messages take the form of media stories, speeches, comments during meetings, or casual conversations
• To empower students to develop more meaningful and effective voices
• To strengthen students’ basic speaking and writing skills
• To enhance students’ competence as media consumers and critics
• To acquaint students with the dynamic processes involved in all forms of discursive and symbolic interaction
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      Communication Classes


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  • Ms. Christina Tallungan Phillips '95

    Communications Department Chair
    Debate Teacher
    (818) 933-3653
  • Ms. Elisia Harkins-James

    Television Production & Film Production Teacher
    (818) 933-3654
  • Mr. Matt Sargeant

    Sports Broadcasting Teacher 
  • Ms. Monique Gelineau Schwaneman '09

    Television Production & Film Production Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Raghubir Kintisch

    Yearbook Advisor/Teacher
  • Ms. Sabrina Landinguin

    Journalism Teacher
    (818) 933-3652
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