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The Computer Science and Engineering Department at Notre Dame High School strives to nurture our students' hearts and minds to navigate our ever-evolving world. The department's goal is to empower and prepare our students to adapt and master the challenges of the twenty-first century. 

Our curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of contemporary topics designed to empower students to thrive in a rapidly advancing technological landscape. We offer classes in high-level programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system design, artificial intelligence, robotics, and a robust foundation in modern computing principles. Furthermore, our courses extend beyond traditional computer science domains to include computer-aided design & 3D printing, aerospace engineering, computer science & engineering ethics, and multidisciplinary studies in STEAM and engineering. By engaging with cutting-edge technology tools and methodologies, our students develop a deeper appreciation for computational thinking and problem-solving strategies that are relevant to real-world applications. Our pedagogical approach is committed to student-centered learning, encouraging active participation and autonomy, and placing students in the driver’s seat of their educational journey. 

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive and enriching high school experience that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical integrity necessary to excel in their academic endeavors, explore their individual passions, foster a lifelong love of learning, and cultivate entrepreneurial thinking. We strive to foster the holistic development of each student, preparing them to meet the challenges of the future with confidence and competence.


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  • Ms. Sabitha Chanduri

    STEAM Coordinator &
    Computer Science & Engineering Department Chair
    Robotics Head Coach 
    Engineer Your World Teacher
    CAD 1 & Product Design & 3D Printing Teacher
    STEAM Teacher
    (818) 933-3669
  • Dr. Vu Nguyen-Cong

    AP Computer Science Principles Teacher
    AP Computer Science A Teacher
    Robotics Assistant Coach
  • Mr. Nathaniel Hanna

    Computing in the Digital Age
    Robotics Teacher
    Game Design and Development Teacher 
    Robotics Assistant Coach
  • Mr. Philip Young 

    Robotics Mentor
    Robot Programming/Software Engineer Mentor
  • Mr. Dennis Barnes

    Robotics Mentor 
    Mechanical Engineering Mentor & Electrical Engineer Mentor
  • Ms. Raghubir Kintisch

    Sculpture I Teacher
    Art I  Teacher
    STEAM Teacher
  • Mr. Ruslan Babayan

    Calculus Teacher
    Modern Astronomy Teacher
    Physics Teacher
    STEAM Teacher
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