Performing Arts at ND

The Notre Dame High School Theater Department is dedicated to creating a collaborative, supportive learning environment with a high-quality education in the performing arts.

Our aim is to elicit creative self-expression, critical thinking, and artistry through our theatre course offerings and productions. Students of all grade levels have opportunities to grow in the study of acting, singing, dancing, musical and technical theater in a rigorous, pre-professional program. Students will participate in an all-inclusive, supportive, family-like atmosphere where they collaborate with each other and build an artistic community.

Coming Soon

Come see our Senior Acting IV Class present “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade.” 

Thursday 18th: 7pm-9pm
Friday 19th: 4pm-6pm
Saturday 20th: 7pm-9pm

There are only 3 performances so make sure to get your tickets ASAP! Tickets go on sale Thursday, May 11 at 8 a.m. on the Go Fan app.


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Travel Opportunity

Only one more enrollment deadline remains for this year for the 2024 London Tour! This is the last deadline for the school year and we will not be holding another for the rest of the semester. The deadline is March 15. Enrolling before then will allow you to still take advantage of our $200 saving as well. We can guarantee another 6 spots so enroll your student today before we fill up! To enroll go to and enter in our TourID: tbaston2023. Any questions, please email Ms. Baston at

Courses Offered

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  • Acting I: Beginning

    This introductory acting class focuses on growing the artist’s voice, stage presence, and creativity. Actors explore cold reading,  monologues, scene study, and character development. Improvisation and theatre games are explored and played. Scripted material and student-written work is developed, rehearsed, and presented. Freshman and sophomore students and all levels of experience and proficiency are welcome. 

    Prerequisites/Comments - An elective course for 9th and 10th-grade students. (UC “f” VPA) 
  • Acting II: Intermediate

    A host of group-acting exercises and various theatre games are explored as well as improvisation, Theatre of the Oppressed and ethnography. Attention is given to voice work and movement for the actor, with a focus on stage combat. Students prepare and present various scenes and monologues with an introduction to Realism. Sophomore students and beginning levels of experience and proficiency are welcome. 

    Prerequisites/Comments -
    An elective course for 10th-grade students who have completed Acting I,  Musical Theatre, or Improv/Film/TV Acting or who have obtained departmental approval. (UC “f” VPA) 
  • Acting III

    The emphasis in this course is on scene work and Realism. An ongoing exploration of theatre for the intermediate-acting student, this course will emphasize stage performance with a realistic perspective. While focusing on more advanced voice work and movement, actors continue to heighten improvisational skills while working on modern and classic realism plays by the world's most influential playwrights. 
    Prerequisites/Comments - An elective course for 11th-grade students who have completed Acting II or who have obtained departmental approval. (UC “f” VPA) 
  • Honors Acting IV

    This advanced course for the experienced acting student will emphasize performance from a professional perspective. While studying influential modern plays, students will prepare and present scenes as well as work on Shakespearean monologues and soliloquies. The members of this class will collectively present the final play of the theatrical season.

    Prerequisites/Comments - An elective course for 12th-grade students who have completed Acting III or who have obtained departmental approval. There is a fee for this course. (UC “f” VPA - UC Honors) 
  • Musical Theatre

    A workshop designed to develop the student’s talent in the performance of musical theatre. Students will participate in dance, singing, and acting sessions and will present group and solo performances from the canon of musical theatre. The course can be repeated for additional school years for credit.

    Prerequisites/Comments - An elective course for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students. May be taken simultaneously with other Theatre courses. (UC “f” VPA) 
  • Technical Theatre

    A hands-on class for crew members in the ND Theatre Program. Through practical work on theatrical productions, students are trained in Stagecraft, Lighting, Sound, Scenic Construction, Stage Management, Costuming, Hair and MakeUp. There is a fee for this course. 

    Prerequisites/Comments - An elective course for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students. (UC “f” VPA) 
  • Improv, Film & TV Acting

    This course is designed to study beginning acting technique, scene studies, and the development of voice and movement skills. The course is geared toward both the beginner and those who want to hone their acting techniques and build their skill portfolio for the entertainment industry. lmprov, Film and TV Acting and using voice and physicality as storytelling techniques. Students study Improv and Acting in tandem to help develop various character viewpoints and scenes, as well as introduce the unique demands of the actor when performing in both filmed and live in a studio setting. 

    Prerequisites/Comments - Acting I or previous acting experience recommended. Open to all grades. (UC “f” VPA) 
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