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Modern and Classical Languages

    • French I students singing in French with Miss Benion


In today's global society fluency in another language is a life advantage. Being able to communicate in a language other than one's own assists in developing responsible citizens of the world community, provides opportunities to appreciate and understand the diversity of other cultures, and provides expanded career opportunities. 

The French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Latin Clubs provide students with opportunities to experience the foods and traditions of the cultures.  The French Club celebrates French Week with French cuisine and music.  In the Latin Club, students explore ancient Rome's influence in art, architecture, literature, law, and politics, as well as learning about Roman history and mythology and their representation in contemporary media. Students also have opportunities to recreate ancient Roman artifacts through modeling, sculpture, and graphic design. The Japanese Club provides many opportunities to expose our students to Japanese culture. The Mandarin Club will be active for the 2020 - 2021 school year to receive students who are currently enrolled in their courses or those who are curious about expanding their horizons in the ancient language and culture.   

The Spanish Honor Society also hosts Hispanic Culture Week where foods from Spanish speaking countries are served with the added ambiance of Latin music. Students also have the opportunity to use their Spanish language while serving the Spanish-speaking communities of Los Angeles during the L.A. Immersion program. 

Students in the Japanese program can practice using Japanese to communicate with Japanese students online and face-to-face. We have a group of Japanese high school students visiting us every fall. They visit Japanese classes and interact with ND students using both English and Japanese. ND students have an opportunity to host them at home. We have on-going online exchange with Japanese college students who are learning English as well.
For the last three years, students also had an opportunity to learn traditional Japanese music and dance with a master teacher during X-period and performed at the International Cultural Talent Show Assembly.


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  • Dr. Reese Hatcher

    Modern & Classical Languages Department Chair
    Latin teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3442
  • Dr. Buenaventura Torres-Ayala

    Spanish Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3430
  • Ms. Alicia Coffey

    Spanish Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3407
  • Ms. Christine Stewart

    French Teacher 
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3436
  • Ms. Emily Hansum

    Spanish Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3406
  • Ms. Hannah Peng

    Chinese Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3464
  • Ms. Joanne Shumway

    Spanish Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3452
  • Ms. Kyoko Shoji

    Japanese Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3408
  • Ms. Luisa Benion

    French Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3498
  • Ms. Maggie Preas

    Spanish Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3412
  • Ms. Montserrat Perez

    Spanish Teacher
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3437
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